What are the triple jump rules?

What are the triple jump rules?

The rules for the triple jump are quite simple for an athlete. An athlete simply needs to do the following.

  • Start the jump before the board. If they go over the foul line on the take-off board, the attempt will be discarded as a foul.
  • When jumping, the athlete must land on the same foot used to take-off (Hop).
  • During the second phase, the athlete must land on the opposing foot and initiate the third phase of the jump.
  • The athlete can land in the sand.
  • The measured distance will be measured from the closest mark in the sand to the take-off point.

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What do you struggle with when doing triple jump?

Choose your triple jump weakness!

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What are your triple jumping goals?

Protect yourself from injury in the triple jump.

One of the common injuries that triple jumpers get is a bruised heel. Once you get this, it makes it more difficult to improve your triple jump performance since you will get pain every time you land on your foot. And it will knock your confidence.

To help minimize the risk of getting a bruised heel, you can get heel protection insoles for your shoes.

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