What are the best triple jump spikes?

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Specialised triple jump spikes can help you execute your phases slightly better. However, it is the triple jump training that you do that will allow you to jump further in the triple jump.

That being said, there are triple jump spikes that can help cushion the force that you will experience from landing in each of the phases. Additionally, you need a quick reaction time off the ground using the flat surface of your foot. The triple jump spike can help you with that and in turn; help you with a better performance in the triple jump.

Below, we have listed the best triple jump spikes that you can purchase and that we believe will help you improve in your triple jump performance.

Adidas Adizero Triple Jump Spikes

Adidas Adizero Triple Jump Spikes
Adidas Adizero Triple Jump Spike

These ones are a favourite with most jumpers because they tick all the boxes. They are considered to be one of the best triple jump spikes because they are comfortable, easy to wear, light, and minimise the impact when landing.

You will find many amateur and elite-level triple jumpers wearing these triple jump spikes in competitions and at their training.

It’s good value for money, with the shoe’s pricing at

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Saucony Soarin J2 Triple Jump Spikes

Saucony Soarin J2 Triple Jump Spikes
Saucony Soarin J2 Triple Jump Spikes

These shoes are more catered for the long jump, but can be used as triple jump shoes as well. If you are looking for shoes that aren’t too high in price and that are complimentary to both the long and triple jump, then these are a good option.

These are priced at $60-70, which is a fair price for this shoe.

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Nike Zoom Triple Jump Spikes

Nike Zoom Triple Jump Spikes
Nike Zoom Triple Jump Spikes

These ones are new in the market, but have a creative design concept. And being from Nike, you know that the shoe will fare well for athletic performance.

The shoe is light and airy. The sole will need to be tested for the amount of impact that it has on the body and the foot.

The shoe is priced at $65-90.

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Something to consider when investing in triple jump spikes.

You can use other spikes such as all-rounder athletic spikes, but they don’t provide the same support as the triple jump spikes.

Don’t consider using sprinting spikes since many of the spikes use an arch that won’t allow you to land flat footed through the triple jump phases.

Additionally, many of the sprinting spikes use an acrylic base, so it highly likely that you will crack the base of the spike if you use them for triple jump.

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