Triple Jumpers Training Bundle


This is the training bundle that you want if you are serious about becoming a top contender in the triple jump event.

As a triple jumper, you need to generate power, speed, and the ability to control these through the different phases of your triple jump so that you can maximize your jumping distance.

In this bundle, we’ve included the sprint training program, which is usually $150USD. This program should allow any serious male athlete to become an 11-second sprinter or a female sprinter to become a 12 second runner.

This speed will be enough to carry men beyond 15-16m in the triple jump and women beyond 13-14m in the triple jump.

The other factor is control, which you will get through your body’s conditioning and technical control.

What will you receive in this bundle?

  • How to improve your triple jump (For beginners only)
  • Nutrition for athletes
  • Core stability for sprinters (Applicable for triple jumpers to become faster and to hold the phases for longer)
  • Run faster instantly (For beginners only)
  • Triple Jump Critique and Analysis (You will need to send through videos of your triple jump for analysis)
  • Triple Jump Heel protectors (To protect your feet from bruising)
  • 11-second sprinting program (So you become lightning quick for the triple jump event)

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