Triple Jump Speed Parachute To Run Through The Board.


One of the key things that’s needed to improve your triple jump is to be able to maximize your speed and run through the board.

In addition, if you can maintain that speed through each of the triple jump phases, you should be able to improve your triple jump performance.

With this parachute, your goal is simple with a few drills.

  1. Practice your triple jump run-up and run through the board and make sure that the parachute is in full flight and giving you resistance.
  2. Repeat your run-up, but also do the triple jump phases and ensure that you maintain your speed, and even try to accelerate through the triple jump phases.

You can use a camera to check that the parachute is in flight. If you notice it dropping, you will need to focus on improving and maintaining your speed.

You can also use this with other drills such as:

  • Hopping for distance
  • Bounding for distance
  • Hop hop steps for distance

Focus on improving your acceleration so that you can accelerate off the triple jump board and the different triple jump phases so that you get a better jump.


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