Triple Jump Critique & Analysis

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To jump further in the triple jump, you must be able to maximize your amount of controlled horizontal force and speed at the take-off board and continue that momentum throughout each phase of the triple jump.

The triple jump is a technical event and athletes tend to limit their potential due to getting certain things wrong during the jump.

If you need help with your triple jump, order this and we will take a look at what improvements can be made via video.

Some of the things we will be reviewing include:

  • The triple jump run-up
  • The controlled speed at the take-off point
  • The hop phase
  • The elasticity and reaction time off the ground for the athlete.
  • Transition into the step phase.
  • Transition into the jump phase.
  • Momentum throughout each phase.
  • Overall conditioning of the athlete.

What should you expect to receive?

We will conduct the critique and analysis and we will share a list of recommendations that will help improve the triple jump performance.

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