Triple Jump Coaching Critique & Analysis


Are you having difficulty improving in the triple jump? Then you need to invest in a coaching critique and analysis to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and the areas to address so you can improve in the triple jump quickly.

Most people struggle to improve in the triple jump because they get the different phases of the triple jump incorrect, or they haven’t conditioned their body well enough to excel in the triple jump.

In this critique, we will look at and advise on factors that will help you improve your triple jump performance FAST!

These include:

  • Your body’s conditioning.
  • Your body’s weight & body fat.
  • Your run-up
  • Your running style
  • Your rhythm
  • Your acceleration
  • Your position leading up to and at the take-off board.
  • Your hop, step, and jump phases
  • How your body handles the force and acceleration through each phase.
  • Identifying weaknesses and strategies to turn them into strengths so you can get a longer triple jump.

Each virtual coaching analysis has a one-time fee that you can keep and reference for life. The solution is customized for the athlete.

Rather than spend $15-20 per session with a coach 2-4 times per week over a month, invest in this and use it to improve your triple jump for $40.

How can you get started?

  1. Order the virtual critique and analysis.
  2. Send videos of your run-up and triple jumps in practice and competition.
  3. We will send you the customized solutions to improve your triple jump.


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