Teaching and Coaching the Triple Jump


  • Get new drills that will help athletes become proficient in each of the mechanical phases
  • Learn from Irving Schexnayder!
  • Take your team to the next level!
  • Learn from the best, to become your best!
with Boo Schexnayder,
Director of the CAP Elite Training Center;
2008 USA US Olympic Men’s Track and Field Jumps and Multi-Events Coach;
USATF Master Coach;
former Louisiana State University Assistant Track & Field CoachCoach Schexnayder shares with you the teaching and performances that Louisiana State uses to produce triple jump champions! First, Schexnayder breaks down the event, focusing on the most basic mechanics, then puts it all back together to show how these mechanics combine to create a successful triple jump. Schexnayder then takes you to the track, where drills are shown that help athletes become proficient in each of the mechanical phases, and to help protect athletes from the constant pounding that a difficult event like the triple jump creates. This excellent video gives you the insight, understanding, and drills to help your athletes become the best jumpers they can be!35 minutes. 2006.


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