Speed and Power Drills for the Horizontal Jumps


  • Faster runways mean more explosive take-offs
  • High variety of strength development drills for jumpers
  • Add dynamic power and distance to your jumps
with Irving “Boo” Schexnayder,
Director of the CAP Elite Training Center;
2008 USA US Olympic Men’s Track and Field Jumps and Multi-Events Coach;
USATF Master Coach;
former Louisiana State University Assistant Track & Field CoachSpeed and power are key elements of any successful jump. In this instructional DVD, Coach Irving “Boo” Schexnayder explains how these elements work to add distance to the horizontal jumps, and gives you several drills to help develop them in your athletes. These exercises focus on every aspect of the body, covering plyometrics, weight training, hurdle drills, med ball exercises, resistance training and a jump series designed to develop explosive strength in your jumpers. This video will help you add the dynamic speed and power necessary for your athletes to jump farther.42 minutes. 2006.


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