Sand remover vacuum


Doing triple jump, you will get sand everywhere from your training and competitions. The sand gets everywhere. From your clothes to your car, washing machine, shoes, bags, and more.

Order this portable sand remover vacuum that you can keep in your bag and use to remove sand from your gear and body whenever you are doing triple jump in the sandpit.

• Rechargeable Battery : No need to constantly replace batteries. Simply recharge the vacuum cleaner and use it again and again.

• Wireless Convenience : No more tangled cords or limited mobility. The wireless feature allows for easy and convenient use in any room.

• Powerful Suction : The 60w power and strong suction ensure that even the toughest stains are removed with ease.

• Dry and Wet Use : This vacuum cleaner is suitable for both dry and wet use, making it versatile and perfect for any cleaning task.

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