Nutrition recipes for athletes (Muscle gain, fat loss & boosting energy)


We’ve put together this book of recipes for people that want convenient options and systems to develop their athletic physique.

We previously shared a diet for athletes, but realised that the time to prepare affects their productivity and athletic development.

We’re encouraging athletes to consume a minimum of:

  • 1 smoothie
  • 1 soup
  • 1 stew

These recipes have been developed so that the athlete can prepare and store their meals in bulk. Ideally for 7-30 days depending on the volume that they make.

They should also be able to easily consume the macronutrients that they need in meals that they enjoy, with the right ingredients.

If you are a parent or a caretaker, this is great to own as you can take charge in preparing meals for your child.

If you are the coach or caretaker of athletes, you can give them the nutrition that they need to fuel their muscles to excel.

With this food system, the athletes are expected to get more lean by shredding fat and developing more lean muscle.

The diet should also strengthen their immune system and reduce their risk exposure to injury.

If you don’t know what to eat and what to prepare, buy this now and use it.


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