Monthly Triple Jump Coaching


Do you need a triple jump coach that can help you improve in the triple jump this season?

Subscribe to get triple jump coaching that can help you improve and break your personal best.

Virtual triple jump coaching offers the following.

  • Get a triple jump exercise training program that can help you improve the conditioning of your muscles to excel in the triple jump.
  • Get fortnightly video coaching analysis and feedback to help you improve your performance as an athlete.
  • Get email correspondence that can help you improve your triple jump performance.
  • Learn mental resilience and develop the will to win.

What should you expect to receive with this subscription?

  • Plyometrics conditioning programs
  • Speed programs
  • Triple jump technique coaching
  • Food & nutrition
  • Weight loss and weight gain monitoring
  • Power & explosiveness development

Why should you get coaching from me?

Improving my  triple jump allowed me to win state gold medals in Australia, and National bronze medals in Australia as a junior.


If you apply the training for 4 weeks and you don’t improve, we will refund your money in full. GUARANTEED!

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