How to improve sleep quality for athletes


The most powerful recovery tool for athletes is sleep. The body repairs itself and develops whilst a person is sleeping. Poor sleep quality limits the body’s recovery and development, and can also have a negative impact on athlete’s energy levels for training and competitions.

Improving the quality of your sleep is essential.

Not only do we recommend that athletes commit to 7-9h worth of sleep, but they use habits to allow their body to improve their sleep quality so that they wake up fresh and energized, and with more strength and power than the day before.

What will you get in this guide?

  • Resting recommendations
  • Pre-sleep habit recommendations
  • Pre-sleep consumption recommendations
  • Optimizing your sleep state (Bed, temperature, etc)
  • Post-sleep recommendations (Wake-up routine)
  • What should you expect?
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Improved mental focus and energy
  • Improved physical energy & capability

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