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WARNING! You will lose up to 1m in your triple jump distance if you try to continue triple jumping with bruised heels.

Bruised heels in triple jump are painful and difficult to heal. The moment you get them in the athletics season, it will stay with you for 2-8 weeks.

Sometimes the bruise is minor and may not affect your triple jump performance.

But if it gets serious, it will feel too painful to land on.

I was jumping on average 1m less because of my bruised heels in the triple jump.

If you have bruises on or around your heels, you need heel protectors NOW!

If you see or feel bruising on your heels and you are about to start or you are already competing in triple jump during this athletics season, you MUST GET THIS NOW!

Your heel doesn’t have enough protection (fat and skin) to protect the area and the nerves that make you feel pain in that area are EXPOSED!

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You won’t heal the area in time if you are already within 8 weeks of competition. So you must protect the area by providing additional cushioning.

This can cost you the season, and much more financially!

Going to the sports doctor or physiotherapist won’t speed up the healing process unfortunately. And their fees to nurture your heel and ankle back to full health may cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

  • Average visitation fees are $60-150 per session.
  • You may need 10 sessions, which is $600-1500.


What’s even worse is that leaving it untreated may cause you to land and jump differently, which could lead you to landing wrong, possibly rolling your ankle, and damaging key muscles that will require you to have EXPENSIVE SURGERY and 6-9 months RECOVERY!


Why do we get bruising in and around our heel? (Especially on the side of our heel?)

When doing the triple jump, it is easy to bruise the bottom of your heel by mistiming the phases of your jump and slapping your foot on the ground.

One way to minimize this risk is to use a heel protector in your shoe. Although it isn’t the perfect solution, it will help to reduce the amount of bruising that can occur when doing the triple jump.

What do you need to do next?

To minimize further bruising & damage to your heel for triple jump:

  1. Buy a set of heel protectors. (x3)
  2. Wear them in your triple jump spikes. (x1)
  3. Wear them inside your everyday lifestyle shoes. (1 per shoe to avoid your feet from contracting athlete’s foot.)
  4. Conduct your triple jump training on soft surfaces such as grass during the healing process.
  5. Build strength in your ankle dorsiflexion with calf raise exercises that’s  won’t require you to land on your heels.
  6. Conduct explosive plyometrics for triple jump training with heel protectors ONLY when it is safe to do so.

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