Fast ways for fat loss (Athlete’s that need a rapid weight loss in 7-30 days)


Many athletes end up carrying too much body fat and weight and don’t realise that they’re limiting or struggling with their performance because their body cannot handle their current weight or how their body is storing fat that is affecting their movements.

When this occurs, a fat loss strategy is needed.

We’ve provided systems that allow the athlete to lose this whilst minimizing muscle loss over a 3-6 month period.

However, it is common for us to receive athlete enquiries and then we see that they are competing in 7-14 days.

We fast fat loss systems that will allow athletes to lose 0.7kg-2kgs (1.5-4lbs) per week. And also minimize the athletic impact on their body.

The benefit is that the athlete should be able to feel more powerful, which should allow them to run faster, jump further, and jump higher because they are executing more power against gravity.

This is noticeable when the athlete loses their first 0.7kg-2kgs (1.5-4lbs). This becomes much more noticeable when they lose more than 5kgs (10lbs).

Note: This is only for athletes that are over the recommended competitive weight and whose movements are affected by carrying too much body fat. If you are already at the competition weight or less, this program is not for you.

This system is also only sustainable for the short-term. The body should respond to the fat loss and weight loss, whilst minimizing muscle loss.

If you need this, order this now.


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