Gain an extra metre in the triple jump by holding your step phase for longer.

How would you like to add more distance to your triple jump distance? One of the things that most people do is they don’t hold their step phase for very long. One of the common things is that people aim to skip in their step phase, instead of holding the form for as long as possible so that they can maximise their horizontal distance.

The other thing is that their body isn’t conditioned to holding the step phase for long. So there are a few things that you need to do in order to 1) condition your body to improve the step phase and 2) hold the phase for longer.

Body conditioning


You can improve the strength that will allow you to hold your knee drive for longer by doing leg extension exercises at the gym. This will allow you to hold your knee drive for longer.

The second thing that you need to build is the strength so that your body will absorb and rebound from the shock of force in each phase. This will require you to do squat and plyometric exercises.

There are two things that you need to account for when you conduct your training.


Where your quadriceps can extend and hold a maximum weight for only a few repetitions.


Where you do the maximum amount of repetitions with a maximum weight.

Because the triple jump will consist of up to 21 uses of your hip flexors and quadriceps, it is important to improve the strength-endurance (stamina) for your triple jump so that your body doesn’t fatigue by the time you reach the triple jump take-off board or even part of the way through your jumps.

Hip Flexors

It’s incredibly important to maximise the strength and the stamina in your hip flexors, since they are part of the key to your triple jumping success. Fortunately, there are simple ways to improve the strength of your hip flexors for the triple jump.

Lying leg raises

Lie down on the floor and raise your legs straight until it gets to 90 degrees.

Hanging leg raises

Hang onto a horizontal bar and raise your legs until it reaches 90 degrees. Ensure that you incorporate your abdominals and your hip flexors. Don’t swing your body when doing the movement.

Hanging knee raises

Hang from a horizontal bar and raise your knees until it reaches 90 degrees.

Aim of repetitions of 30 with each exercise.

Core strength

It’s important to develop your core strength so that you will maximise your step phase and also prevent your back muscles from being incorporated in the movement. Doing pilates exercises can improve your core strength. Additionally, conducting core strength exercises such as squats and deadlifts will further develop your core strength.


You will need to practice triple jump drills regularly so that your body becomes stronger and allows you to hold the form of the step phase for longer.

You will need to do the following drills.


Do bounding drills where you aim for the maximum horizontal distance. Use a measuring tape and cones so you can keep a benchmark of your progress. It’s important that you maximise your distance whilst keeping your form. Don’t let your form break down when doing the drill.

Hop-hop steps

Aim to do 4 repetitions in concurrent sets. Emphasise extending your step phase. I have shared a video below.

Improve your triple jump.

Triple jump coaching

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Protect yourself from injury in the triple jump.

One of the common injuries that triple jumpers get is a bruised heel. Once you get this, it makes it more difficult to improve your triple jump performance since you will get pain every time you land on your foot. And it will knock your confidence.

To help minimize the risk of getting a bruised heel, you can get heel protection insoles for your shoes.

Heel protector cup
Heel protector cup

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Asics triple jump pro athletics shoes

Specialized triple jump shoes will give you added protection and comfort on your foot and especially around your heel. If you are doing triple jumps that require you to handle alot of force on your jumps (Typically when you start jumping over 13 metres), then you will need to invest in triple jump spikes.

Asics Triple Jump Pro 2
Asics Triple Jump Pro 2

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Improve your triple jump training.

Improve your triple jump (For beginners only)

Triple jump take-off
Improve your triple jump

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Elite-level triple jump

World class triple jump training
World class triple jump training

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A time to jump
A time to jump

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