Do you accelerate properly in your triple jump runup?

The runup is the most important part of your triple jump approach. By the time you hit the board, your body must have accelerated to a point where you can control the velocity through each phase of the triple jump. There are a few things that you must achieve in order for this to happen.

Your runup must be consistent.

You cannot waste your acceleration efforts by stuttering towards the board. You must ensure that you hit the take-off board at full speed with your body in the ideal take-off position.

Therefore, you need to measure your runup so that you know exactly how many steps it will take for you to reach the take-off point.

You can use the information from this post about the triple jump runup.

Each step must allow you to increase your acceleration.

You must be at a point where you are accelerating at the board so you can maintain the velocity throughout the jump. Typically, jumpers will need to use a shorter approach to build and control their acceleration. As the athlete improves their ability to control the velocity throughout the jump and their maximum point of acceleration, they can improve their runup.

Build the acceleration in the first phase of your runup.

The first few steps of your triple jump are the most crucial. You want to make sure that they are powerful and maximise the initial acceleration prior to the point where your body will get into the take-off position. There are a couple of ways to do this.

Static bounding acceleration.

This is where you make the first three steps the most powerful from a stationary position. This will allow you to keep your runup consistent, whilst allowing you to get to your maximum acceleration quicker.

Rolling acceleration

This is where you use your body’s momentum through by adding a few extra steps to increase your acceleration quicker. The issue with this approach is that it can cause you to be inconsistent with your runup. It is usually a more advanced runup technique that triple jumpers can use. If you choose to use this technique, make sure that you always hit your mark and practice your runup so you hit the board every time.

Your running turnover should be at maximum speed by the time you hit the board.

Your body should be in the sprinting position where you are tall and your leg speed rotation is at its maximum. This should allow you to take-off and go into the phases of the triple jump naturally.

Give this a try and let us know how your performance is after implementing these tips.

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