Do triple jumpers wear spikes?

Adidas Adizero Triple Jump Spikes

Triple jumpers that want to perform highly in the event do wear spikes. If the triple jumper is male, they will probably wear spikes more seriously when they start jumping over 12m in the triple jump.

If the triple jumper is female, they will probably start to wear triple jump spikes more seriously when they start jumping around 11m in the triple jump.

If the athlete is competing on grass, they can get away with doing the triple jump in their bare feet. If they compete in the triple jump on a surface that has a lot of friction such as dirt or a competition track (tartan or mondo), then the athlete should wear some type of protective footwear.

The athlete can opt for an all-purpose athletic spike. However, the best option is a set of triple jump spikes that will provide extra support in the heel, which will also help support the ankle and stability as the athlete progresses through the different triple jump phases.

The top triple jumpers in the world that compete at the highest level (Olympics, World Championships, Diamond League, and Commonwealth Games) all compete in triple jump spikes.

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