Beware of the health risks – Injuries caused by triple jump.

Injuries caused by triple jump.

The triple jump is an interesting event to participate in, but it does come along with health risks. Athletes need to prepare their bodies so that they are conditioned to withstand the intensity of the triple jump training and the competition. Otherwise, they can find themselves succumbing to injury.

Below are a few of the injury risks that you should be aware of.

Bruised heel.

This injury usually occurs when the athlete slaps their foot on the ground when executing the triple jump. Something that can help with absorbing the force are heel cups. They are inserts that can be placed in the back of your shoe and can absorb some of the force when you are triple jumping. They can help, but don’t rely on them completely. You can purchase heel protectors on Triple Jump Club.

Also check out this resource on minimising bruising in the triple jump.

Rolled ankle.

This is something that many frustrated triple jumpers experience over the course of their career. A rolled ankle will lead to a sprain and time-off to recover.

The only way to minimise the risk of injury is to train your body to execute the triple jump hopping and bounding movements so that your foot hits the ground correctly. So focus on doing repetitions at speed so your body gets used to the triple jumping action.

Sore lower back.

This usually occurs from the muscles tightening in the body and then putting a strain on the lower back muscles. This is usually caused by a lack of core strength, as well as tight hip flexors, quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. It’s important that you stretch your muscles to avoid tightness and soreness.

Knee injury.

This can be serious. So it is important that you strengthen the muscles in and around your knee to absorb the force that’s required when doing the triple jump.

How can you minimise the risk of injury from the triple jump event?

The main thing is to continually do repetitions of the triple jump movement and to condition the body so that it gets used to the intense force from the triple jump.

Additionally, it’s important to strengthen the core through leg raises, squats and step ups.

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Protect yourself from injury in the triple jump.

One of the common injuries that triple jumpers get is a bruised heel. Once you get this, it makes it more difficult to improve your triple jump performance since you will get pain every time you land on your foot. And it will knock your confidence.

To help minimize the risk of getting a bruised heel, you can get heel protection insoles for your shoes.

Heel protector cup
Heel protector cup

Asics triple jump pro athletics shoes

Specialized triple jump shoes will give you added protection and comfort on your foot and especially around your heel. If you are doing triple jumps that require you to handle alot of force on your jumps (Typically when you start jumping over 13 metres), then you will need to invest in triple jump spikes.

Asics Triple Jump Pro 2
Asics Triple Jump Pro 2

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Improve your triple jump training.

Improve your triple jump (For beginners only)

Triple jump take-off
Improve your triple jump

If you are fairly new to the triple jump, this ebook will help you with training insights to get you to the intermediate level quickly. You will definitely improve by at least 30 cm, however you should see yourself improve by 1-2m over the next 12 months.

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Elite-level triple jump

World class triple jump training
World class triple jump training

If you are intermediate or advanced in triple jump, then you will want the knowledge and guidance from elite-level triple jumpers and coaches.

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A time to jump.

A time to jump
A time to jump

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